When stranded on a lonely highway, and in the middle of the night, people can only hope for help from others to tow their vehicle and transport them to a safe place. That is why towing is very important, and it can even be a life saver for some situations.

If you want to be a lifesaver and a hero to your friends, you must know the equipment that a tow truck must have. You can also use this knowledge so you can inspect your towing company, and determine if they have enough equipment and tools to save you if you are the one in the distressed situation. A towing company, like Ogden Towing, must have all or most of this equipment to be considered a good towing company.

Tow Truck

1. Lights

Working lights are very important for a vehicle to be fully working and be safe from accidents and also preventing accidents to others. In the case of tow trucks, however, it is not only important but necessary. It must have an amber light on working on the topmost portion of it; this is an oscillating signal for other drivers to give way because a towing truck is working and it must save someone who is stranded.

When a tow truck is towing a vehicle, there is a big chance that the hazard and brake lights, as well as turn signals, will be obstructed by the vehicle that is towed. This issue might cause accidents on the highway, that is why a tow truck must have portable lights installed in the rear of the car, which can be wireless.

2. Chains

A truck is not a tow truck if it doesn’t have chains. When you inspect a tow truck, it is not enough to only have chains, it must have an adequate number of chains. For heavy strapping loads, it must have a minimum of 4 tie-down chains. And for strapping the vehicle to the truck bed, a towing truck must have a minimum of seven excellent quality chains. It must also have extra chains to strap the doors or wheels of the vehicle if it is loose or broken.

3. Extinguisher

Cars breaking down the highway doesn’t always mean stopping suddenly without apparent and clear cause. Some situations, especially the severe ones, include fire or small explosions from the car. A good towing truck must have a fire extinguisher that is fully loaded and functional so that it can help, especially there is no fire truck around.

4. Other Accessories

It is also necessary for a tow truck to bring several other accessories to be effective in rescuing a stranded vehicle. It must have cleaning materials like oil absorbents so that it can clean up after a possible mess of fuel, motor oil, or other discharge from the broken vehicle.

It is important that tow truck drivers and workers must also have equipment for them to be safe. They must have safety equipment like vests, hard hats, gloves, and eyewear protection. Their vests must have visibility features so that passing vehicles can see them during the night.