Aside from the functionality of the vehicle, the exterior appearance is also important. If you care so much about the car’s exterior, you should avoid those sketchy car wash services that use big brush. There’s so much more about washing and waxing your car, because there are many things you should do to clean and maintain the exterior of your car.  


To know how to wash your car like a professional, click here. You can DIY, but you should be careful so you won’t damage the exterior.  

Evaluate the Car 

First thing to do is evaluate your car’s condition. This step will help you in achieving the plan on how you should clean the vehicle. If your car is new and still has a good coat of wax, it might just need a wash and wax to maintain its exterior appearance. But if you have been neglecting the exterior of your car for a long time, it should be polished too aside from the cleaning.  

Before you use any product for cleaning the car; read the label first. The way you’re going to apply the wax, soap and detailer will depend on the brand of your vehicle and the model. An example is when you use a chrome wheeler cleaner, if you have an aluminum wheeled car, the cleaner will only ruin it because of its extreme acid. You should also invest on different microfiber clothes for cleaning the wheels, paint and windows.  

Washing the Car 

Washing the car is an important stage because it will remove all loose contaminants like dirt, dust and mud from the vehicle’s exterior. A car washing soap should be used instead of dish cleaner or liquid detergent. Avoid the latter because it will only strip the wax away and damage the paint. Rinse the vehicle and then use some cleaning mitts and drying cloths.  

Prepare the Surface 

Once you’re done washing, you will see all the damages in the exterior like swirls and scratches. When you run your hand over the surface, you will feel the little bumps. If there are stubborn bonded contaminants, use a clay bar to remove them. This way, the smoothness of your car will restore. If you notice some etching and scratches below the surface, use a compound and apply it using an applicator pad. After applying, wipe it right away.  

Polish and Wax 

The cleaning process will make your car look smooth, but it also needs additional polishing so it will appear shinier than before. Applying a polish will add depth of color on the car and maximum gloss. If you have a dark colored vehicle, you should not skip this step.  

After the polishing, add some wax on your car. It’s like a sunscreen that protects the vehicle against UV rays. The two types of wax are polymer and carnauba. So choose carefully.  

Maintain the Shine 

Once you’ve done with the washing, cleaning and polishing, it’s important to maintain it. Keep a clean microfiber cloth and spray detailer. This will maintain the beautiful new look of your car.