Your carpet needs cleaning especially if there are coffee stains on it, dirt, dust or crayon marks. It should be cleaned every now and then so it stays neat and clean. A clean carpet is important for the homemakers because if it’s dingy it can detract from a peaceful atmosphere. The allergens and dirt can contribute to health problems like respiratory problems.  


You can clean your carpet in a number of ways but it still depends on the mess. There are people who are discouraged by the idea of cleaning the carpet because it involves waiting for the furniture and waiting for it to dry. Carpet cleaning is tricky, but you can do the following with ease.  

  • Vacuum Your Carpet 

Vacuuming the carpet daily will avoid dirt build-up. Before you do the task, prepare the room first. Pick up the toys or anything than can obstruct the passage of the cleaner. Check for small items and look under the furniture.  

To vacuum it successfully, vacuum both vertically and horizontally. Vacuum the entire room forward and back. The fibers of the carpet are twisted, so going both directions will ensure you that each fiber is reached.  

Do this regularly. You can vacuum at least once a week, but if you have pets do it 3 times a week. If you have a 60 pound dog, vacuum 4 times a week. It is to remove the dander and hair that come from the pets.  

  • Spot Cleaning the Carpet 

To spot clean your carpet, use a white clean cloth. Do not use rags that have patterns because it can transfer the color to the carpet which makes the problem worse. Blot the fresh stains with the white cloth, and then use the additional cloth to remove the stain left. Don’t use bristles or brushed because it will affect the fiber.  

There are a lot of carpet cleaners available in the store. It comes with cans or spray bottles so the spot cleaning is easier. If you’re dealing with fresh blood stain, blot with hydrogen peroxide or cold water. For the urines of your pet, use an enzyme-based cleaner.  

  • Shampooing the Carpet 

Remove all the furniture when shampooing the carpet. Shampooing is called “steam cleaning” only that it’s a misnomer. First, vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Do not neglect crannies and corners. The shampooer can remove grime.  

You can buy your own shampooer or rent one. Hardware stores offer rentals of cleaners. It will have a built-in heating core that keeps the water hot. Plan your exit carefully because once you’re done cleaning on one should walk on it until it’s dry. Do not clean yourself into a corner.  

To dry the carpet, ventilate the area. Leave the doors and windows open for free air circulation. You can also use fans, carpet dryers, dehumidifiers and air movers to fast dry the carpet. It usually takes 6-12 hours for a carpet to dry so make sure no one walks in.